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SD Flexible Belt Conveyor

SD Flexible Belt Conveyor

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  • source:Jiujiang FEIDA Machinery CO. Ltd
  • release time:2023-04-22 17:01:32
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SD Flexible Belt Conveyor

  • Classification:product display
  • source:Jiujiang FEIDA Machinery CO. Ltd
  • release time:2023-04-22 17:01:32
  • Views:326

With the rapid development of national economy, the belt conveyor is playing an important role in the dock, yard, railway station.However the delivery efficiency is increasingly strict and mobile equipment flexibility is enhanced. Thus we need telescopic amplitude of belt conveyor eagerly. Our SD flexible conveyor is designed and manufactured to solve these problems.

一.Overall performance

Reduce the volume of equipment by characterized with unique telescopic, amplitude and the transverse walk device, it enhances the flexibility of equipment, greatly improving the cloth accuracy and work efficiency, reduce the production cost.

1.Front of the equipment adopts a telescopic frame, it can be adjusted according to user requirements under the material point position to achieve achieve automatic telescopic.

2.The frame is additionally arranged on the luffing mechanism, through adjusting amplitude conveying material blanking height, reduce the unloading dust, avoid the breakage of packing, improve the handling efficiency.

3. Add the walking mechanism at the bottom of the conveyor, greatly enhanced the flexibility of equipment.

4.Equipment delivery, telescopic, amplitude, walking can be a single operation or be synchronized.

5.The frame adopts whole steel plate bending on both sides of the web directly,connected by bolt, which can avoid the welding deformation.It improves the installation accuracy, ensure the equipment delivery, telescopic,amplitude, walking synchronization transmission stability, and the belt off tracking accurately.

6.Bolt connection provides convenience for equipment installation, repair, transfer, transport.

二、Structure and the telescopic amplitude mode


1. amplitude frame 2. telescopic device 3.amplitude drive device 4. motor -drive roller 5.tensioning device 6. guide wheel rail 8. elastic frame 9. conveyor belt 10. chain 11.tension compensation device 12.tie rail device 13.walking wheels 14. hinge

As above picture shows:amplitude frame 1 is the main structure of telescopic amplitude conveyor.It 's realized by turning the telescopic device 2 and hinger 14 .The elastic frame 8 realized by the telescopic drive 2 drive conveyor belt makes the telescopic frame on both sides of the guide rail 7 along the guide wheel 6 telescopic movement. The telescopic movement process of conveying belt by belt to keep constant tension compensation device 11. A walking wheel 13 can drive the flexible lateral movement, tie rail device12 is mainly used to prevent ship sway.

三、Structure type

1. Push rod type structure


Fig 1: Push rod type structure

The structure of push rod type telescopic amplitude conveyor is compact, the captain is within 20 meters,can achieve maximum extension length of 7 meters, the amplitude range of 0 ° to 30 °. The telescopic,amplitude, walking are more flexible, generally used to vehicle, ship, train loading.

Figure 1 is a conveyor designed and manufactured by us, for chemical fertilizer wharf of Jiujiang Petrochemical Group Company , used for transporting bagged urea and polypropylene.

2. Longmen hanger type structure


1. brake shoe assembly 2.lateral walking assembly 3.luffing rack 4.wire rope 5.electric roller 6.Longmen rack 7.telescopic assembly

Longmen hanger type structure

Longmen hanger type luffing conveyor is a larger equipment, total length more than 20 meters,the amplitude range of 0 ° to 20 °, applicable to the wharf, landfills, coal yard and a ship for loading and unloading operations.

3.The rotating hanger type structure


1. tower 2.rotary table 3.luffing rack 4.wire rope 5.expansion drive assembly 6.electric roller 7.telescopic assembly

Fig 3. The rotating hanger type structure

Rotary hanger type luffing conveyor can amplitude range (30 ~ -30), the horizontal direction can be ± 90 °deflection, models can be big or small, it is particularly suitable for the dam, bridge, pier construction of large construction.

Figure 3 is the concrete mixing ship telescopic amplitude conveyor designed and manufactured by us for the Third Navigation Engineering Bureau fourth Engineering Company (Ningbo), used for conveying concrete.

4.Vehicle type structure



1.Dongfeng base 2.modified roller on front 3.fence 4.basic telescopic arm 5.front telescopic arm 6.Guide device

7.with partition board and guide strip belt 8.luffing cylinder (double) 9.supports roller 11.front telescopic motor

Fig 4 Vehicle type structure

The conveyor can be placed in various types of truck chassis. After the basic arm is a major part of the conveyor, drive the front and rear telescopic boom as amplitude movement. The front conveying part frame amplitude range of - 16 ° ~ + 21 °, the rear conveying part frame amplitude range of 0 ~ 90 °. The front and rear of the telescopic boom are consists of a roller and can drive the tape to do telescopic movement.The front telescopic arm telescopic range is 0 ~ 7.3 meters, the rear of the telescopic expansion in the range of 0 ~ 2 meters. The basic arm and a telescopic arm bottom adopts connecting rod tensioning device,so the linear degree is adjustable.The front and rear luffing cylinder is the power mechanism of conveyor frame.Realize the luffing movement through the extension of the oil cylinder. Telescopic motor by tightening or loosening steel wire rope and telescopic arm make telescopic movement. The front and rear transmission part together with a conveyor belt of diaphragm and guide strip belt, to prevent materials from falling and the deviation of the belt. Conveyor support for ± 120 ° rotation, which can adjust the discharging point position. Idler form has two kinds, flat and trough roller, the control room is the control room for people to operate. The conveyor's flexibility used in food, chemical industry, building, docks, stations and storage areas.

5.Multiple sections of telescopic structure

1.The first basic frame 2.The second sections of telescopic rack 3.The third telescopic rack 4.The fourth telescopic rack

5.The fifth telescopic rack


Multiple sections of telescopic belt conveyor is mainly used for trucks, trailers and container cargo' s unloading .Telescopic conveyor can be easily extended to any length, improve work efficiency , convenient and easy to operate. Applicable to conveyor carton, package and bulk materials and any other things.



· Economic application, apply to trucks, trailers and container loading and unloading of goods;

· Especially suitable for loading and unloading terminal operation, safety and high efficiency;

· For maximum utilization of shipment volume;

· Improve transport transit time;

· Reduce the risk of damage of work site;

· Reduced the risk of damage to the goods.

The design scope:

· conveyor section number: two type, three type, four type;

· conveyor retracted and extended length range can be selected from 3-26m;

· The control button can adjust working length at any time when the conveyor is working;

· conveyor's extending and retracting speed can be selected according to the need: constant speed and variable speed;

· conveyor lift angle can be selected according to the need;

· belt speed can choose the constant speed and variable speed;

· belt conveying direction can be one-way or two-way ;

· conveyor belt type can choice of rubber,chemical fiber,enhanced PVC,oil resistance,abrasion resistance, anti - cutting;

· conveyor fixed joint base can choose fixed or mobile type;

· conveyor bearing: 50kg/m

三.Design description

1.Above kinds of structures of conveyor belt can be choose flat belt or wavy shield belt, the bandwidth is less than one meters. As for the delivery volume,please refer to the corresponding design calculation.

2.Above the variable range are flat belt is used as the premise, the use of wavy shield conveyor belt,the moving range can be increased up to -30 ° ~ 60 °.

3.Expansion, amplitude and range, walking can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

4.Except the standard width of the conveyor, we can also make non-standard band conveyor according to user needs.

Performance Parameter
1Belt Widthmm500-1400
2Belt SpeedM/s0.8-4
3Adjustable Lengthm0-15
4Amplitude of Variationdegree±20
5Theoretical Feeding VolumeM3/H70—3300

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